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Flowermate Vaporizer

The Flowermate Vaporizer belongs to the dampers category, yet a different method is used. Instead of using e-liquid or nicotine salt, this product works on the basis of herbs. In addition, there is a hybrid system that works with both dry herbs and oil. The Flowermate Vaporizer products are easy to operate, but you need a little more knowledge of the ingredients to make optimum use of them.

What kind of herbs?

In principle, the Flowermate Vaporizer has been developed to heat herbs without burning them. The vapor that is released is inhaled. Which herbs you can use for this purpose is deliberately kept vague by the manufacturer. You can assume that the main application will be weed fumes. This evaporator was officially developed for "aroma therapy", but this brand is mostly known to cannabis users.

With or without oil?

the Flowermate Vaporizer is currently available in two variations; the V5.0 Pro and the HybridX. The Pro version is made for heating dry substances and offers complete control over the temperature and wattage. The device is equipped with a glass mouthpiece. The HybridX also has full temperature control, ample options for the wattage and also a glass mouthpiece. The main difference is the option to use oil in the hybrid version.

For which target group?

Although the Flowermate Vaporizer system is easy to use, more knowledge of herbs and / or oil is needed to use these products properly. There are many setting options that will certainly appeal to the advanced damper. Unlike standard mods and box mods, it is not so easy to order e-liquids, which means that more knowledge is required than with regular e-cigarettes. It is therefore an accessible product for the more experienced vaper, and for beginners who do not see the device as a substitute for a cigarette with tobacco.