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Frequently asked questions about e-cigarettes

Frequently asked questions about e-cigarettes

Even if you have never lit a cigarette, it is quite clear how cigarette smoking works. But electric cigarettes remain an incomprehensible phenomenon for many. To reveal the mysteries of vapors you can find the top ten frequently asked questions about e-cigarettes here.

Note: The information on this page is not intended as a recommendation to smoke or vaporize.

  1. What is an e-cigarette actually? An electric cigarette heats a special liquid that releases vapor that you breathe. No smoke is released, such as with burning of tobacco.
  2. Who can use e-cigarettes? Vapors are suitable for adults who want to stop smoking and for people who have not smoked before. Keep in mind that e-liquid with nicotine is addictive!
  3. Are e-cigarettes safe? The vapor in electric cigarettes is in principle not harmful to health, possible ingredients in the e-liquid can be such as nicotine.
  4. Does fumes help with smoking cessation? Although electric fumes may be an alternative to cigarette smoking, it is no guarantee that electric smoking will help you get rid of a nicotine addiction.
  5. Does e-liquid look like tobacco? It is possible, but it does not have to, this depends on the type of e-cigarette and the flavorings in the liquid.
  6. Is e-smoking carcinogenic? Fumes are not carcinogenic on the basis of studies conducted to date.
  7. Are there hazardous substances in e-liquid? Although we can not exclude this, the chance is very small. There have been rumors about anti-freeze in e-liquid, but this is based on conclusions from a survey of ten years ago.
  8. Is nicotine dangerous? Nicotine is not as dangerous as addictive. There are also e-liquids without nicotine available.
  9. Are there legal restrictions? E-cigarettes are covered by the tobacco law with which there are (still) quite a few legal restrictions.
  10. Are electric cigarettes hazardous to health? To date, all criticism has proved unfounded. Negative reporting is mainly due to a 'gut feeling' and commercial interests.

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