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Harmfulness of e-cigarettes vs smoking tobacco cigarettes

It could be a marketing message from the e-cigarette lobby, but it is really a conclusion from the British government and especially the Ministry of Health. E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking normal cigarettes. But what about the other 5%?

Smoking Exit

Not only the European mainland is 'exit' for Great Britain, they also prefer to lose cigarettes than rich. With 2.6 million adult smokers, the UK government thinks it's time to get everyone out of smoking. But with taxes on cigarette packs and a British “stiff upper lip” this is not going to happen. That is why England has opted en masse for an alternative; the e-cigarette. While vaping is still no better than quitting altogether, it can be a path to better health. But what about the 5%?

95% less harmful

E-cigarettes are not a healthy alternative to smoking, they are a less unhealthy alternative. It is not possible to say with certainty how much is different, after all, there are many factors that play a role. That 95% is therefore also a gamble, it gives an indication of the enormous difference in danger. In addition, no long-term effects are known about vapors, the effects of e-cigarettes may not become visible until much later. But the British have recognized that just quitting is too much and leads to smoking again. That is why they have chosen an alternative that may not be healthy, but at least a lot less unhealthy, with the advantage that it is very similar to smoking.

Are all e-cigarettes harmless?

There are self-made e-cigarettes, there are also homemade e-liquids. Products that you can buy in real (web) shops have been extensively tested and meet strict conditions. You can therefore assume that they are not directly harmful to health. If you have any questions about this, please contact the supplier.