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Help stop smoking

Help stop smoking

Starting smoking is actually a matter of course, once you are addicted to nicotine, it turns out to be an almost impossible task. When you seek help with quitting smoking, the process is simpler and often faster. Fortunately, there are various tools that you can use for this. We will give some examples that have proven effective with long-term smokers.

Note: We only give general advice about help with smoking cessation, we do not make statements about the best way to get rid of cigarette addiction.

This way you can stop smoking

  • People: Before you get into pills or e-cigarettes you have to realize that the process starts with people. Your family or friends, but also the doctor or a medical specialist can help you with that first step.
  • Nicotine patch: Nicotine is the major culprit in cigarette addiction. Nicotine is slowly introduced into the bloodstream with a nicotine patch.
  • Sweets with nicotine: This can be chewing gum but also lozenges are used for this. Unlike patches, you will always receive a dose of nicotine, as with a cigarette, instead of a continuous process.
  • Electric cigarette: With an e-cigarette you can eliminate the harmful substances that are released during the combustion of tobacco, and still get nicotine.

With each method, you can reduce the amount of time to stop smoking completely without additional aids.

Mouth and hands

The nicotine patches help you with the addiction to the nicotine, but not with the habit of holding a cigarette, having a chat with colleagues or taking a pint. E-cigarettes come closest to the smokers experience. Sweets meet the oral fixation but do not offer the feeling of a cigarette between your fingers. Please note that an e-cigarette is not a replacement when you actually want to get rid of the smoking habit in its entirety.

You are not alone, you dare to ask for help with smoking cessation.