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Most e-cigarette users make the switch from smoking to fumes. That in itself seems like a good move given the less harmful impact of fumes on health, at least according to leading studies. Unfortunately, it appears that around two-thirds of users of electric cigarettes continue to smoke cigarettes. The HEXA e-cigarette has been developed to prevent this, with an alternative that must meet all the needs of the inveterate smoker.

Why do smokers quit vaping?

There are several reasons why smokers switch to fumes and then return to the old, familiar cigarette. In the first place, the complexity of some e-cigarettes plays a role. Charging, changing atomizers, dripping e-liquid, it is a lot of work for some vapor. In addition, the nicotine in an e-liquid feels different from the smoke produced by a cigarette. The developers of the HEXA e-cigarette want to change this, with a device that removes the complexity of vaporizers and provides that important nicotine kick.

Characteristics of the HEXA e-cigarette

  • By using a hybrid form of nicotine and nic-salts, the balance has been found between a pleasant "throat hit" without an annoying feeling in the throat.
  • The battery has a limited capacity, yet the average user can use the HEXA e-cigarette for a full day without recharging.
  • With a "Click & Vape" system it is easy to replace the Pods, there is no hassle with replacing coils or topping up e-liquid.

More than smoking

In addition to the harmful substances that occur during incineration, vaping also differs in another area; taste. Not only can you taste the familiar tobacco flavor with or without menthol, but also fruits such as raspberries or mango are available. So you can vary, and the HEXA e-cigarette is equipped with a simple Pod system with which changing flavors is a piece of cake. Alternation is also advisable because otherwise the taste may not be perceived properly after a while.

Brand: HEXA Model: HEXA 2.0 Starter Kit
With the latest FEELM technology, HEXA is one of the most innovative, high-tech vaping products on the market. With extraordinary vapor production, delicious flavors, a complex hybrid nicotine blend combined with a sleek and elegant design, HEXA offers everything to complete your vaping experience. ..
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