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How can you maintain an electric cigarette?

How can you maintain an electric cigarette?

An e-cigarette is an electrical device in which special e-liquid is evaporated. Just as with most consumer and consumer articles, you will also have to do some maintenance on it from time to time. By cleaning the electric cigarette you can not only create finer fumes, it can also extend the life of the e-cigarette. On this page we view the components of electric cigarettes, and we provide tips for optimal maintenance of the e-cigarette.

Please note: We do not provide purchasing advice for the best e-cigarette on this page, nor do we advise anyone to start using vapors.

Parts of an electric cigarette

Although there are many types of e-cigarettes on the market, they will usually be made from the same parts. The dimensions may differ, and this also applies to the operation. but the standard features are similar. These are the standard parts of an e-cigarette. If your model deviates from this description, you should consult the manual or contact the supplier.


The clearomizer or evaporator consists of different parts, which we will describe separately below:


The mouthpiece is also called the drip tip. You can normally easily detach it from the top. Rinse the mouthpiece regularly with warm water.

Upper side

The top is also called the topcap. You can normally loosen this by turning the topcap. Rinse the top regularly with warm water.


The reservoir is also called the glass. You can also rinse the reservoir with warm water. Bear in mind that the glass can break quickly, so be careful when cleaning. Soaking in a bowl with hot water is also an option.


The bottom is also called the base. With most e-cigarettes this is the part where the coil is located. You must always remove the coil before cleaning the base. You can rinse the bottom under the tap with warm water, or let it soak in a bowl with warm water.


The coil is an important part of the electric cigarette. Because there is organic cotton in the coil, it cannot be cleaned. Contact with water can irreparably damage the coil, so ensure that the coil is always removed before cleaning the electric cigarette.

Sealing ring

The sealing ring is also called an o-ring. When you take the e-cigarette apart, you must ensure that you do not lose the o-rings. They can sometimes be very small, so be careful when disassembling the e-cigarette, and do not forget to replace the sealing rings after cleaning the individual parts. Because these rings get lost quickly, it is not wise to keep them under the hot tap. Soaking in a container is possible.

Tip: For heavily soiled parts, it is possible to add a very small amount of detergent to the hot water. You must rinse the parts well with clean water after a bath with washing up liquid.


It is almost self-explanatory but we will nevertheless emphasize it; the battery in an electric cigarette is not waterproof and must therefore not come into contact with water. Because liquid is evaporated in the e-cigarette, condensation will form. To ensure that no corrosion occurs in the device, you should regularly clean the contact points on the batteries with a dry lint-free cloth. This also applies to the contact points on the charger.

To keep the electric cigarette tidy and free of grease, you can use special wipes for e-cigarettes. This is not necessary, but you keep the device clean and hygienic with it.

Frequently asked questions concerning electric cigarettes

These are the three most frequently asked questions about cleaning e-cigarettes.

1. Do I have to clean the e-cigarette?

You must clean the parts of electric cigarettes. The frequency will differ per part, it also depends on the usage. In particular, you should definitely clean the mouthpiece every day because this part comes in contact with your lips. For the other parts, replacing the coil is an excellent time to clean everything. It is a small effort and you can considerably extend the life of the e-cigarette.

2. Do I have to clean the e-cigarette with other types of e-liquid?

It is not necessary to clean all parts when you start steaming with a different e-liquid flavor. It is good if you flush the evaporator, never forgetting that the coil should not come into contact with water. Dry the evaporator thoroughly before adding new e-liquid. At the first pick you will notice that the taste of the previous liquid is just as noticeable. You may not flush the coil, the old liquid must just evaporate before you will taste the new taste.

3. When should the coils be replaced?

There are many variables that determine when the coil needs to be replaced. Consider the frequency of vapors, the wattage you use and the type of e-liquid you use. You know when it is time to replace the coil when:

  • A burnt taste and odor is noticeable.
  • The taste is no longer good.
  • You have to inhale stronger.
  • There is less vapor than before.

When you taste a burnt taste it is time to place a new coil.