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How can you successfully stop smoking?

At the beginning of every new year you have the intention to quit smoking, yet it never comes. Too busy, too much to deal with and stress ... Or just do nothing and the boredom that strikes. With this institution it will indeed never succeed, because you start from stopping as an option, not as security. If you are really convinced that it succeeds, then the success is already in the past. You can read how this works on this page!

Note: Effective smoking cessation means free from unhealthy cigarettes and free of addictive nicotine. Whether e-cigarettes can help you with that can be determined best.

Is effective cessation of smoking feasible?

Yes, a lot of people quit smoking every year. Forward, most of them are between six boards, but they have stopped! You would rather stop before you can serve yourself as an ashtray refill, then the time has come to stop smoking.

You've already stopped smoking!

You read this article while you lift a cigarette, how can you have stopped smoking? That cigarette on your lips is a physical reaction, in your head you have already stopped. It is not an intention on January 1, it is a fait accompli. Only if you have already achieved the goal in your head can your body follow.

The body follows the mind

Your brain determines what your body does. If you are not 100% convinced that you stopped smoking, you can not expect your body to do that either. So it's not about throwing the packet of cigarettes in the bin, that's a physical act. You do not want to touch that package, because you are no longer a smoker.

Do not make good intentions with your mouth, but make decisions in your head. You are not going to stop smoking, you have already stopped!