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How do you make a coil for an e-cigarette yourself?

The coil is an important part of an e-cigarette. Yet it is not at all such a complicated part, if you are a little handy you can make coils yourself! A coil consists of a resistance wire, which is wound into a coil. Around or in this coil is a material that can absorb liquid, the "wick". You also need an evaporator that is suitable for do-it-yourself coils. You can read how to make coils yourself in this work on this page.

Note: Vaping with your homemade coils can be dangerous if you go wrong. We are not responsible for any damage suffered.

Why make coils yourself?

The main reason to make your own coils is the control you have over the resistance. You also have complete control over the materials in the coil. In addition, it is also just a fun hobby project to implement. The simplest way to start is with coils that have already been wound, which you can use in a special type of evaporator that is suitable for home-made coils.

How is a coil constructed?

Making a coil starts with the choice of a type of wire. Kanthal is the standard material, but you may prefer nickel, stainless steel or titanium. Every material has unique properties. You also need an absorption material, which we call the wick. Cotton is usually used for this, the wick absorbs the liquid that is evaporated in the coil. The three main factors in determining resistance are:

  • Wire thickness
  • Diameter coil
  • Number of windings

Tip: The Steam Engine coil calculator lets you determine the correct resistance quickly. You indicate the thickness of the wire, the diameter of the coil and the resistance that you want to achieve. You then see how many windings you have to make.

Dual coil

Depending on the atomizer that you use, it is possible to place multiple coils. The moment you place two coils, the resistance will be halved. For example, if you want to make a dual coil with a resistance of 0.5 Ohm, you need two 1.0 Ohm coils. By placing two coils of 1.0 Ohm you get a dual coil resistor of 0.5 Ohm.


"Wick" literally means "wick", this is the material in which the liquid is absorbed. The material should not be completely stuck in the coil, but also not move too easily. If you feel a little resistance, the wick is good. You must then place the wick on the deck. The correct method partly depends on the atomizer, but also on your own preference. The purpose of the wick is to include e-liquid for evaporation, which must take place in the right proportion.

What do you need for DIY make coils?

You will need some tools to make your own coils:

  • Ceramic tweezers: Allows you to squeeze the coil in a controlled manner.
  • Nippers: This way you can cut the resistance wire to size.
  • Micro Coil Jig Tool: This tool makes it very easy to twist the coil together.
  • Resistance meter: With this device you can accurately measure the resistance of the coil.

You can also order a complete do-it-yourself coil kit that you can use right away. Do not expect that your first coil will be perfect immediately, after a few attempts you will find it handy to make your own coils!

Tip: Pay attention to the warranty conditions of the e-cigarette if you are going to use non-official parts. It is possible that the factory warranty will expire. Ask the supplier about the options and conditions.