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How do you quit smoking?

how to stop smokingIf smoking is pleasant, three-quarters of the population is not pleasant. By associating smoking with socializing and other positive emotions, the addiction is maintained even years after an ex-smoker quit. There are various smoking cessation aids such as nicotine patches, medicines and e-cigarettes, yet it starts in the mind. The question is; why do you smoke?

Smoking against stress

When a smoker is in stress, it is often a reason to light a cigarette. Yet there is nothing in cigarettes that reduces stress, it is only the addictive substances that give you the feeling of being (just) released from your stress. According to behavioral therapists, this is due to the emotional connections that are formed with smoking. And this often starts in puberty. In this phase of life, strong emotions and emotional connections form. Cigarettes give the idea of ​​togetherness, being part of a group. And it also seems to lower stress, which in addition to nicotine has to do with the physical actions. Think of a person who is always chewing on a pen or pencil, or a stress ball to squeeze. A cigarette between the fingers has the same effect, but a lot more dangerous to health.

That is the reason, now the solution

If you know why you smoke, you can try to make the move to quit smoking. On average, it takes five attempts to quit permanently, so don't give up when you relapse once. Avoid negative stimuli that make you crave a cigarette, or consider alternatives such as nicotine patches or e-cigarettes. Champix and similar products make cigarettes taste less pleasant. By avoiding social contact during the Corona pandemic, it is easier to avoid "cozy smoking together", do not be persuaded to smoke a cigarette to get rid of your stress.