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How do you transport an e-cigarette on the plane?

When you travel, you have to take all kinds of things into account. In addition to your passport, you will also want to take your e-cigarette with you when traveling. But is this allowed, and what do you have to take into account? Although every airline can set its own rules, we will already list the main points of attention on this page.

The batteries go in the hand luggage

Batteries, chargers and other electronics are best transported in hand luggage. Because the cargo hold is inaccessible for personnel during the flight, when problems arise with a battery, action cannot be taken in time. That is why it is the intention to carry your smartphone, e-cigarette and, for example, loose batteries in your hand luggage. If possible, remove the battery from the device and package it in loose, transparent bags. Then a short circuit cannot occur, and the staff at the airport can easily check your belongings.

The e-liquid goes into the cargo hold

You are not allowed to carry liquids in bottles larger than 100 ml in hand luggage, with a maximum of 1 liter in total. An exception is made for medicines provided that you have a doctor's statement for this, baby food is also excluded. You are not allowed to fume on the plane, make it easier for yourself by transporting e-liquids in the normal suitcase. If there is a skull on the package you can get into trouble, even if they sell cigarettes tax-free to passengers ... Preferably transport e-liquids in a full container, otherwise air pressure may cause leakage.

Prevention is better than cure

Never use the e-cigarette during the flight, not even on the toilet. If you really cannot do without nicotine, you will have to stick patches or chew gum. Check whether the airline has its own rules with regard to e-cigarettes and e-liquids. This also applies to the rules regarding rechargeable batteries and other electronics.