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How does an e-cigarette work?

An electric cigarette looks like a normal cigarette in many ways, but of course the effect of the e-cigarette differs. With all terms such as coils, clearomizers and e-liquid, electric fumes seem a lot more complicated than it really is. We explain the effect of an e-cigarette on this page, without too many technical terms.

Note: You can find information on the operation of the e-cigarette on this page, it is not a recommendation to smoke electrically.

General operation of the e-cigarette

A standard electric cigarette consists of a battery and an evaporator. The evaporator is also often called 'clearomizer'. The battery may be interchangeable but this is not always the case. The evaporator has a glow bulb that we call 'coil', this is a metal wire with fabric like cotton. The liquid (e-liquid) is in the reservoir, you put the lips on the mouthpiece.

On the e-cigarette there is a button, with that you put the coil on tension so that the spiral is heated. Because of this heat, the liquid that is present in the substance will evaporate, so do not burn.

Maintenance of the electric cigarette

It is important to understand the functioning of the e-cigarette, because you will also have to regularly maintain the device. You will have to charge the battery, place new coils and refill the liquid. For example, if there is no e-liquid in the fabric of the coil, this gives a so-called 'dry hit' when pressing the button, which tastes very uncomfortable.

Not all e-cigarettes are the same

Although most e-cigarettes are made up of a battery and clearomizer, the effect of the e-cigarette is not always the same. For example, with more extensive models you can set the temperature and air flow as you wish, a simple model does not have this functionality.

Starting fumes can usually start with a standard electric cigarette model, before experimenting with more extensive models.