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How does an electric smoker actually work?

The operation of a cigarette is very clear; you set smoking paper filled with tobacco on fire and suck the smoke released into your lungs. That doesn't sound healthy, but it is a "fair" product. With an electric smoker, that is something else. What happens in an e-cigarette and why is it all so mysterious? Although there is much more variation with electric smokers than with cigarettes, the basis is fairly easy to explain. Read on to better understand the operation of an electric smoker.

Note: On this page we are of course talking about an electric smoker to replace cigarettes. It is not about devices for preparing meat

No smoke but vapor

Instead of smoke that occurs during combustion, vapor is created when a liquid is heated. Water changes at 100 degrees Celsius into water vapor, with e-liquids this happens at different temperatures. In contrast to smoke, vapor is in principle not harmful, but of course harmful substances can be present in this vapor.

Is electric smoking dangerous?

If you use official dampers, use them according to the manual and buy liquids in a reliable store or webshop, electric smoking is not dangerous. It can be addictive due to the presence of nicotine in many e-liquids, and you should always pay attention when using electrical equipment and heating liquids.

Parts of an electric smoker

An electric smoker consists of different parts, of which the clearomizer, the coil and the battery are the most important. Often you buy this as a complete set, some models offer the option to use alternative parts. The liquid is in the clearomizer and is heated in the coil by means of voltage supplied by the battery. You breathe in the vapor through the mouthpiece.

Good maintenance is important

You can disassemble most e-cigarettes, make sure that all parts are properly maintained and cleaned. This way you can clean the mouthpiece with soap and water, while the coil should absolutely not get wet. Consult the instructions provided for this or contact the store or webshop for more information.