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How does the e-cigarette work?

How does the e-cigarette work?

Although many electric cigarettes resemble a standard cigarette with tobacco, they work very differently. After all, a cafetière for coffee is not the same as an espresso machine. Smokers sometimes oppose the technology of e-cigarettes, but in practice this is often very bad. If you are sitting with the question "How does the e-cigarette work?", Then you are at the right address!

Note: We only explain how an electric cigarette works on this page, we do not give purchase advice.

How does the e-cigarette work?

A complete set consists of a tank for the e-liquid, a battery and a clearomizer. You also need a charger for the battery. Let's take a look at the individual parts separately:


This is the part where the e-liquid is poured in, there are also models that work on the basis of cartridges. The type of e-liquid that you can use best depends on your preference in aroma, the amount of nicotine (or without nicotine), but also the resistance you want to use. Not all types of e-liquid have the same thickness or viscosity.


There are models with a fixed battery, there are also e-cigarettes with a replaceable battery. If you evaporate a lot and are often away from home, a replaceable battery can offer a solution. Often you do not have to remove the battery to charge it. With a micro USB plug and the corresponding adapter, you can safely charge the battery. There are also car chargers available.


Here is the coil, which is a heat element of a wire that is firmly wound and will be heated. There is also a wick present, a material such as cotton that absorbs the e-liquid. This liquid is evaporated by applying tension to the coil.

This answers the basis of the question "How does the e-cigarette work?", But you may have more questions about this device and the possibilities. Please read our other articles about electric cigarettes, or contact the supplier.