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How to compare clearomizers

No e-cigarette without clearomizer, this is the part of the electronic cigarette that heats the liquid, creating the vapor. On this page we will compare the most common options of clearomizers, so you can quickly make the right choice.

Comparing clearomizers

Comparing Clearomizers

When comparing clearomizers, these are the three main things to take into account:

  1. There are two kind of clearomizer; MTL and DL. The Mouth To Lung version is equivalent to normal smoking, the Direct Lung version is more like smoking a water pipe. The MTL clearomizer type is the most common.
  2. In modern clearomizers you will usually encounter "bottom coil" types, which means that liquid will always end up in the coil. In addition, this type of clearomizer is easy to replace.
  3. Most clearomizers are equipped with a thread, this is the 510 connection. In addition, there is also the eGo connection that slides over the battery.
  4. With a higher number of coils the resistance is reduced. With a dual coil, a resistance of 3 Ohm is halved by 1.5 Ohm, with a triple coil the resistance will be 1 Ohm. The ratio between Voltage and Ohm determines the heat on evaporation.

You see it; with clearomizers, there are plenty of options per type of e-cigarette, compare the options before buying an electric cigarette.