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How to deal with the tank system of an electric cigarette

How to deal with the tank system of an electric cigarette

All parts of your electric cigarette will occasionally require some maintenance. Unless you use a disposable e-cigarette you must also maintain the tank system, also known as the evaporator. Failure to do so may have consequences for the taste experience, and in the most unfavorable case for health. With these tips for maintenance of the tank system you can steam delicious and safe!

Note: No buying advice for electric cigarettes or parts thereof is given on this page, only tips for information about these products.

1. A good start is half the work

Because there are leftovers from the production process in a new e-cigarette can be present, you must first clean the evaporator well. In the manual this is explained, when there is a lot of oil in the tank system you can clean it with soapy water and possibly some cleaning vinegar.

2. Fill quietly

Make sure that there is no e-liquid in the tube in the middle, pour the liquid along the wall of the electric cigarette. Make sure the reservoir does not overflow and let the cigarette stand for a few minutes after filling so that the coil becomes damp.

3. Avoid dryhits

The substance in the coil must always be humid before vaporizing, therefore sufficient liquid from the tank system must be included in the material. Otherwise you will experience a "dry hit" that tastes very unpleasant.

4. Regular cleaning

With normal use it is good to clean the evaporator weekly. This can be done with warm water, with a sieve you prevent the loss of small parts in the sink. Make sure that all parts are well dry before you put the whole together again.

5. Choose the right e-liquid

There are thinner liquids and thicker liquids, make sure you use the right e-liquid for your e-cigarette. This depends on the resistance of the coil and the wattage. Particularly at sub-Ohmen you will have to use another e-liquid in the tank system.