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How to transport e-cigarettes?

An e-cigarette will be a mobile device for most users. You always take the device with you wherever you go. In your pocket, jacket pocket, in a bag, suitcase or in a special case. What is the best way to transport e-cigarettes, and what should you keep in mind?

General transportation of e-cigarette

With standard commuter traffic or other trips you will usually be able to carry the e-cigarette in your pocket or elsewhere without having to top up or top up e-liquid. Especially on hot days do not leave the device in the car and do not place the device in the full sun. Then the battery can get too hot. Also make sure that the fire button is not pressed, this can overload the system. The same applies to loose batteries. In addition, you must protect the contacts by, for example, storing them in a suitable case. Ensure that e-liquids cannot leak during transport, and put bottles in a sealed bag. Glass tanks are fragile parts, do not carelessly put an e-cigarette in your pocket, causing bending and breaking.

Transporting electric cigarettes on the plane

You may only take batteries as hand luggage. All rules for electrical appliances also apply to electric cigarettes, and sometimes the rules are even stricter. The conditions can also vary per company. If you cannot find this information, it is advisable to first contact the airline.

International transportation

For all cross-border transport you must take into account the local legislation. For example, you are not allowed to fume everywhere in the same places, in some countries e-cigarettes are completely prohibited. This certainly also applies to the composition of e-liquids, in which in particular the liquids containing THC can be a problem. Here again it is advisable to first check the national legislation in the field of electric cigarettes.