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Hybrid e-cigarette

Hybrid e-cigarette

There are boxmods for sale that do not look like a traditional cigarette at all. Even relatively simple models have buttons, reservoirs with liquid and other new elements. It is quite understandable that an inveterate smoker does not like the newfangled devices. The renewed hybrid e-cigarette has to change this. Is this product going to conquer the hearts of tobacco smokers?

Note: We only provide background information about the hybrid e-cigarette, it is not intended as a recommendation for this product or other types of e-cigarettes.

How does a hybrid e-cigarette work?

A hybrid e-cigarette is somewhere between a cigarette with tobacco and an e-cigarette. Simplicity is the starting point, so you do not have to press a button before you take a trek. You do not have to pour e-liquid yourself, that's all in a special pod or refill cartridge. Compare it with the Senseo coffee maker from Philips or the Nespresso pods. More convenience and fast results.

Who are these e-cigarettes 2.0 intended for?

Earlier, there were e-cigarettes that had to approach the experience of traditional smoking, but it was often just that. The new generation hybrid e-cigarette works a lot better, and produces a vapor production that corresponds to a normal smoke experience. The housing is very compact, and refilling is a piece of cake. Depending on the brand and model there is an indicator light, and sometimes a button for manual use, but otherwise as few bells and whistles as possible.

The hybrid e-cigarette is mainly aimed at the switchers, people who already smoke but want to get rid of that harmful tobacco. For the DTL vapers, which want to maintain maximum influence on the vapor experience, these products are less suitable. They can also serve as backups in situations where enormous vapor clouds are not desired, or a large box mod is not practical.

With the renewed hybrid e-cigarette, the switch from smoking to fumes is made even more attractive.