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IJOY e-cigarette

IJOY is one of the market leaders in the electronic cigarette sector. In addition to a simple replacement of traditional cigarettes, they also want to give the IJOY e-cigarette its own character with innovative products in the range. The brand is currently available in more than thirty countries on five continents, including Europe. That means a guarantee of quality because European legislation is very strict when inspecting this type of product. The IJOY group is a collective of various companies that deal with consumer electronics, renewable energy, entertainment, artificial intelligence and internet services.

Core values ​​of the company

  • Every IJOY e-cigarette has been developed according to these principles:
  • Cost: By taking production costs into account, this brand wants to compete on price.
  • Quality: They have their own development department and carry out strict quality controls to guarantee high quality.
  • Responsibility: We work with an honest way of communication whereby they want to offer customers a good experience.

The customers can determine whether they meet these core values, the fact that the IJOY e-cigarettes are sold so well seems to indicate that they perform well and are appreciated by consumers.

Not a standard electric cigarette

In the early years of e-cigarettes, manufacturers tried to match their design to the traditional cigarette as much as possible. In recent years, more and more different models have been brought onto the market, of which the many box mods are a good example. The average IJOY e-cigarette often doesn't even see that it is a replacement for a normal cigarette. The Avenger looks more like a gadget from the super hero films with voice control as a striking feature. And the XL-C Light-up glows when you take a hit. In addition to these types of gimmicks, they also simply develop "useful" features such as the Captain, which is powerful enough for huge vapors with 100 watts of power. If you want an electronic copy for a filter cigarette, an IJOY e-cigarette is not for you, but if you want a "next-gen" vapor experience, then you should definitely check out the range.

This starter kit from IJOY contains the Avenger MOD with a wattage of 234W and an Avenger clearomizer. This clearomizer has an E-liquid capacity of 2ml, the E-liquid can be filled from the top of the tank. About the Avenger PD270 Box Mod The Avenger IJOY 270 MOD has a maximum outgoing wattage of..
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