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IJOY Box Mods

IJOY Box Mods

Ijoy is a well-known brand of e-cigarettes that is currently operational in roughly thirty countries worldwide, spread over five continents. Ijoy Box Mods are also for sale in the Netherlands, all products comply with the European rules that apply to electric cigarettes. The brand has been on the road for quite a few years, it is the Ijoy Box Mods that stand out. Not only because of the technical specifications but also because of the design. There are actually no more similarities with a normal cigarette, so you can hardly speak of e-cigarettes.

Ijoy Box Mods

Although this brand also supplies a number of more traditional mods and POD devices, it is mainly the Ijoy Box Mods that steal the show. The bright colors and striking designs are unique. The Box variations usually have clean lines and feature striking colors including bright yellow, green and red. The Avenger is the most eye-catching type that, as the name suggests, seems to come from a superhero movie. This is not an officially licensed product from Marvel. In addition to the display and the high wattage, there is another special addition; voice control. This Ijoy Box Mod is unique with the option to use voice control.

More options with a Box Mod

For beginning vapers, Ijoy Box Mods are probably one step too far. There are many setting options and options. The batteries are also supplied separately, and several types are available for this. A different type of coil and resistor also requires a different type of e-liquid for an optimum vapor experience. The airflow and temperature can also be set separately. If you have questions about this, you can of course first contact us for more information about the Mod and the accessories.

This starter kit from IJOY contains the Avenger MOD with a wattage of 234W and an Avenger clearomizer. This clearomizer has an E-liquid capacity of 2ml, the E-liquid can be filled from the top of the tank. About the Avenger PD270 Box Mod The Avenger IJOY 270 MOD has a maximum outgoing wattage of..
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