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Increasing use of e-cigarettes helps smokers quit

Smoking is expensive. Not only for smokers but also for health care. Since the sixties of the last century it has been known that smoking causes more cases of disorders such as heart problems, problems with the airways and various forms of cancer. Smoking costs the state millions every year that can be saved by helping people get rid of this addiction. In Ireland, e-cigarettes are now also included in the study of methods to quit smoking. Just like in England, fumes are seen as a means to save medical costs and save lives. So it is not only about the health of the smoker, but also about the money in the state treasury.

More e-cigarettes, less smoking

In Ireland, 26% of smokers use e-cigarettes with the aim of quitting smoking. In England this percentage is 45%. This is a lot higher, partly due to the promotion of the British government who see e-cigarettes as a step towards a smoke-free society. According to calculations by the Irish authorities, no less than 2.6 million euros can be saved if they also achieve the 45% in Ireland. At present, no financial incentives are used to encourage the switch, but it is the intention to do this.

Fumes on doctor's prescription

As far as we know, there is not a single doctor who announces that fumes are better than a life without e-cigarettes, but most specialists agree that fumes are much less harmful than smoking tobacco. An expert compared 1 day of smoking with 100 days of fumes. That is only an estimate, it does indicate that e-cigarettes can help to reduce medical costs. Various means are already being used, such as nicotine patches, chewing gum, medicines and therapy. As for the Irish Government, electric cigarettes may be added to this list to save money and lives.

Is it a good idea to subsidize vaping if it saves money on medical expenses? Then everyone benefits.