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Innokin e-cigarette

Innokin is a company founded in 2011 with the aim of combining technological innovation with progressive design and the highest quality requirements in the field of electric cigarettes and AVPs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers). The Innokin e-cigarette is easy to use and yet offers a wide range of setting options for the user. The company releases products under different brand names such as Coolfire, Gladius, iClear, Innokincell, iSub, iTaste and Lily.

Easy to use yet versatile

An Innokin e-cigarette usually no longer looks like a normal cigarette with tobacco, yet they try to keep the product line as simple as possible in terms of ease of use. With the various starter kits you can get started right away, with the boxmods you can set as much as you want. For lovers of a "tube" model without frills, the Endura line can offer a solution. They are available in various fun colors with a modest 1300 mAh rechargeable battery. The Pocketmod starter kit is even more compact in design with a 2000mAh battery on board. This also applies to the Cool Fire Mini line which, despite its limited dimensions, offers adjustable voltage and wattage. You can also buy an Innokin e-cigarette as a POD model that works on the basis of Zenith coils.

For the discerning vaper

We are not going to judge the best Innokin e-cigarette, as a consumer you can decide that yourself. For serious dampers who want to keep full control over their vapor experience, we do point in the direction of the box mods Scion II and Proton. They are equipped with a TFT display where you can read exactly at what temperature and with what wattage you are steaming. With that you can also use sub-Ohm vapors, the popular method whereby huge vapor clouds are released. MTL fumes can also be done with these box mods, but the simple models may be more suitable for that. If you have any questions about specific Innokin e-cigarettes you can of course contact us, we will gladly help you further.

Brand: Innokin Model: INNOKIN EZ WATT + PRISM T20S - 35W STARTSET
  INNOKIN EZ WATT + PRISM T20S - 35W STARTSET De Innokin EZ Watt VW is voorzien van een 1500mAh EZ Watt mod en de 2Ml Prism T20-S tank. De Ez Watt ondersteunt drie selecteerbare vermogens met een hoog/laag optie. Productgegevens  De EZ Watt startset van innokin is met een ingebouwde 15..
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