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Innokin Clearomizer

Innokin Clearomizer

Innokin is a brand that produces electronic cigarettes as well as parts for these products such as the Innokin clearomizer. For the different versions of the dampers there are also different clearomizers, so make sure you make the right choice. If the description of the product is not entirely clear, you can of course always contact us for more information. On this page we tell something more about Innokin clearomizers.

Innokin clearomizer

Terms are used interchangeably to describe products for dampers and accessories. Clearomizers are also called tanks, although the tank is part of a full clearomizer that, in addition to the tank, consists of a mouthpiece and atomizer. This brand regularly releases new models with different characteristics, although the standard 510 connection is usually used, the technical specifications per type may vary considerably. Consider for example the resistance of the coils, or the content of the tank. At this moment the maximum capacity of the tanks is 2 ml, previously it was 5 ml but the law has been changed whereby the quantity of 2 ml may no longer be exceeded.


The Innokin Prism is a popular type, let's take this model as an example and briefly describe this Innokin clearomizer. This tank can be used with both the EZ Watt VW kit and the Endura T20-S kit. Thanks to the top-fill system, the tank can easily be refilled and cleaned. The coil can vary between 0.8 Ohm and 1.5 Ohm, which means it is an MTL damper. The connection is of the usual 510 type, these clearomizers are available in different colors.

  INNOKIN PRISM T20-S CLEAROMIZER - 2ML De Prism T20-S tank van Innokin heeft een 2ML e-liquid capaciteit en maakt gebruik van de Prism-S coils. De Prism T20-S tank werkt met de Innokin EZ Watt VW startset en de Innokin Endura T20-S startset. Productgegevens  De Prism T20-S clearomizer..
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