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Install Snake and Flappy Bird on e-cigarette

Play Flappy Bird and Snake on e-cigaretteThe reason that a computer system is a success often depends on a "Killer App", an application that is so good that you purchase a device for it. At the GameBoy this was Tetris at the time, at other Nintendo consoles it was Mario or Zelda. You do not buy mobile phones directly for the games, but they have a significant impact. Slightly older readers can still remember Snake on their Nokia phone, and younger readers still know Angry Birds and Flappy Birds. The latter bird also flutters on the VTC Mini e-cigarette thanks to Balázs Bank, a fan of games and vapors. And preferably at the same time!

Cigarettes with software

Box Mods are cigarettes with advanced temperature, resistance and other settings to personalize the vaping experience. This requires a mini computer that is built into the e-cigarette. Upgrading the firmware can fix bugs, and even new features are possible. For example, an e-cigarette of 150 watts can be adjusted to 200 watts via a software upgrade, just to name an example. Or if you are Hungarian with a little too much time just install Snake and Flappy Bird on your Box Mod. With the buttons on the VTC Mini you can control both games. The display on this device is black and white, so the games don't look brilliant. But it does work!

Nintendo Box Mod

We do not expect Nintendo to switch from games to vaping products, although they have switched from playing cards to video games at some point. After Snake and Flappy Bird, there was also a hobbyist who made a stripped down version of Mario for the VTC Mini 2. Under the motto "the eye wants something too" there is the Wizman Puff Boy Box Mod on the market that resembles a small Gameboy, including screen with 8-bit graphics. Just as we no longer make phone calls but take more photos, it is possible that ex-vapers will soon only be gaming on their e-cigarettes.