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Is an E-cigarette cheaper than smoking cigarettes?

With the enormous taxation, smoking has become more and more expensive, and then suddenly electric smoking appeared as an alternative. Is an e-cigarette cheaper than old-fashioned smoking? The calculation is not as simple as you might think, we try to chart the actual costs of smoking and fumes on this page.

Note: We do not make recommendations regarding smoking or fumes, this is prohibited according to European legislation. We only provide information about the costs.

E-cigarette cheaper than cigarettes

If you start from roughly one pack of cigarettes a day compared to electric smoking or, rather, fumes, the e-cigarette is cheaper on average than tobacco. You have to take into account that e-cigarettes are technological products with parts that can wear or break, and there are also consumables such as e-liquid where the prices can vary considerably. Because there are so many possibilities for e-smoking, a standard e-cigarette can be cheaper, but with all boxmods, coils and special e-liquids the costs can vary considerably.

Costs for electric smoking

In order to provide insight into the costs of electric smoking, it is best to separate the individual elements:

You have to buy an e-cigarette, starter sets are already for sale for a few bucks. Mods and boxmods can be a lot more expensive.
Disposable products are quickly expensive. If you can replace parts separately, you do not always have to buy a new e-cigarette. Then mods and boxmods suddenly become more interesting again.
You will have to replace the coils regularly, and of course you need e-liquid to evaporate. These are the consumables.
The liquid will be the largest investment per day as a separate component. Consider roughly a euro a day compared to a pack of cigarettes smoking.

You can smoke cheaper with an e-cigarette than you can smoke with a normal cigarette. But that is not always the case due to the large selection of products.