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Is CBD e-liquid safe to use?

You can now buy CBD extract in every natural store. It has changed from a product for weed smokers to a bottle that you put in your basket with the daily groceries. What is CBD e-liquid and is it really high? You can read the difference between weed smoking and CBD vapors on this page.

Note: No sales advice is given on this page, you will only find information about CBD e-liquid.

No THC in CBD e-liquid

In cannabis, the two main active ingredients are THC and CBD. THC is the substance that makes you high, CBD is not. Because we can separate these two substances nowadays, cannabidiol is now legal for sale. E-liquid is used in electric cigarettes that bring this liquid through evaporation into the body.

Why then CBD vaping?

If you do not get high, what is the advantage of CBD e-liquid? A beneficial effect is attributed to cannabidiol for the body, without the mental effects of THC. Although medical research is still limited, CBD seems to offer relief for many people. The hemp plant is more than a plant to get high of, you can also make rope or clothing, and it is used to relieve various physical complaints.

Is CBD e-liquid better than smoking a joint?

When you smoke a joint you get more than THC and CBD, you will also get other harmful substances in your lungs. In addition, it is difficult to get exactly the right concentration of active substance. With fumes, no harmful substances are released, not for the user but also for the environment. In addition, the concentration of active substance can be determined much more accurately.

It is possible to use e-cigarettes without becoming high when the e-liquid does not contain THC.