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Is e liquid buying in an online shop safe?

Nowadays you can buy electronic cigarettes in the old-fashioned tobacconist's shop, the office bookshops also sell everything you need to start steaming. You can also order all equipment and liquids via the internet. But is e liquid from the online shop safe to use? What should you pay attention to when ordering liquids on the internet?

What is in liquids for electronic cigarettes?

With e liquids, vegetable glycerin and / or propylene glycol is used as the basis for making the e liquids. Aromas or nicotine are added to these liquids. It is also possible to order these liquids purely so that you can create flavors yourself. With the additions you do not immediately know what they consist of, certainly not when you order on the internet.

Strict control in Europe

In many ways, web shops are safer to order than buy in-store. This is due to strict legislation and well-secured payment methods. For example, there is the Distance Purchase Act, a legally determined trial period and payments via iDeal to name but a few advantages. But this only applies to European web shops and sometimes only to the Netherlands. When you order e liquid through an online shop, there are even more requirements that the web store is bound to. For example, the liquids must be tested for safety when ingested; this is not the case with products from outside the EU. That does not mean that the products are always made in the EU, but they do comply with the legislation in Europe.

Choose a liquid online shop

In addition to a store located in the EU, a Dutch webshop can offer additional benefits. The texts are in the Dutch language, you can often pay with iDeal and with returns it is often a bit easier than a company that is far away. You can choose a liquid online shop based on quantity; who supplies the largest offer? But you can also look at the prices or a specific brand. Service and support may also be a consideration. Just contact the help desk and find out if they provide the service that you need.