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Is electric smoking unhealthy?

Everyone knows that smoking is unhealthy, but even those beautiful horror pictures on a packet of cigarettes or shag are not enough to prevent us from getting a fresh poke again. You can switch to e-smoking or e-fumes or e-vape, all terms for the same; the electric cigarette. Is electric smoking unhealthy or not? Does sound smoking actually exist?

Please note: No electric smoking products are advertised on this page.

Smoking is unhealthy

We know that smoking is objectively proven unhealthy and addictive. Manufacturers have had to admit that they have made cigarettes as addictive as possible, and that has been very successful. In addition to the addictive effects of nicotine, you get soot, tar and other carcinogenic substances in your body. Yes, you can calm down, it can help you to reduce stress, but smoking is unhealthy, period.

Is electric smoking unhealthy?

In the first place, electric smoking does not exist unless you accidentally light an AA battery in a drunken mood. Although the word "smoking" is often used, it is actually "vapor" or "vape". This is because vapor is released without tar, soot and other hazardous substances. That makes an e-cigarette not yet root or celery stalk, it is a lot less unhealthy to smoke electrically than the alternative with tobacco burning.

What are the disadvantages of electric smoking?

You can read the benefits on the many e-smoking websites and forums, we also dare to be critical. Some users are sensitive to propylene glycol which can cause dry mouth and skin irritations. If that is the case, you can choose a mix with more Vegetarian Glycerin (VG) or without PG. When you stop smoking, you can also temporarily suffer from inflamed gums, which is because the narrowing of the blood vessels caused by smoking will heal. And when you vaporise with e-liquid containing nicotine, this addiction continues, reducing it is obviously an option.

Conclusion: Electric smoking is not unhealthy, but it will not be on the "five-disk".