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Is electric vaping a safe alternative?

Even cigarette manufacturers have admitted in court that cigarette smoking is not only unhealthy, but that they consciously have made smoking addictive to retain customers as long as possible. Until they die in any case ... Is electric vaping a safe alternative? We can not claim that vaping is safe, but we can say that it is less unhealthy. Why we put this so carefully we like to explain you on this page.

Note: It is not claimed on this page that electric vaping is a safe alternative, we only provide information about the characteristics of e-smoking or vaping.

Is electric vaping a safe alternative?

That is a very simple question with a less simple answer. Smoking a cigarette works on the basis of burning, and hundreds of substances are released of which a few dozen are demonstrably bad for health. In an e-cigarette an e-liquid is evaporated under high temperature, in this vapor all these harmful substances do not occur.

So e-cigarettes are completely safe?

Not so fast; although tar, soot and other substances are no longer in your body, e-liquid often contains nicotine. Although this substance is in principle not harmful to your health, it is addictive. With this you can not call e-cigarettes with e-liquid on the basis of nicotine 100% safe. In addition, with import e-liquid from uncontrollable sources and with sometimes bizarre aromas, you have to pay attention to whether you are dampening safely.

So an e-cigarette is not safe?

The simplest answer that we can (may) give is as follows: According to research, electric vaping is 95% a safe alternative, with the last 5% being unclear. We can say that e-liquid with nicotine can be addictive. That it is less unhealthy than normal smoking has meanwhile been definitively proven in hundreds of studies worldwide.