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Is the tobacco industry guilty?

Tobacco industry guilty for illegal practicesIn the days of black and white television, it was common for a doctor, or an actor in a white coat, to advocate cigarettes for the camera. In the seventies and eighties, talk shows were cheerfully puffed during a pleasant conversation. You will not see Eva Jinek or Jeroen Pauw presented in a blue cloud. But who is guilty of smoking addiction? That tobacco industry or are you responsible yourself? Or is the truth somewhere in the middle?

From normal to exceptional

In the eighties of the twentieth century it was still quite normal to smoke in the office, or in the presence of children at home. Public opinion changed rapidly in the 1990s. The Marlboro Man from the commercials died of cancer himself, advertisements were banned and even cartoon character Lucky Luke quit smoking and put a blade of grass between his lips. Smoking was no longer normal, and certainly no longer "cool". Starting smoking was no longer a matter of course, it had become a choice. And if you have to think about something, you can also conclude that you may not have to start.

Is the tobacco industry guilty?

There is no cigarette manufacturer that puts cigarettes door to door between the lips of children to make them addicted. They have had to recognize before the Supreme Court in the United States that cigarettes are not only addictive, but they deliberately add ingredients to make smoking extra addictive. You can still say "no", but this was not so easy before. If your colleagues smoke, and you are always offered a cigarette, then you are the exception. Quitting smoking is still a pain, so alternatives such as e-cigarettes have come onto the market to aid in the transition. Fortunately, not starting has become easier, and this means that we are on the right track.