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Is there a smoking ban in the Netherlands to arrive in the car?

Although it is often thought that the Netherlands is a country with innumerable rules, while other countries impose much less restrictions, this picture is not correct. The Dutch government sees more in discouraging bad behavior without legislation. For example, in Belgium, England, France, Wales, various states in America and provinces in Canada, it is already prohibited to smoke in a car with children. Flemings can be fined up to a thousand euros for a violation. The majority of the Dutch population is supportive of a smoking ban, yet the government and the House of Representatives do not want to pass any law.

A smoking ban in the car is no longer necessary

According to politicians, smoking in the car with children is no longer acceptable. Society as a whole is already negative about this, so a law to stop this behavior no longer applies. This is an opinion shared by both government and opposition parties. The VVD, PVV and SP are all against an official ban. A MP from GroenLinks thinks that a ban is difficult to enforce. He thinks a campaign to portray smoking with children in the car as an unwanted behavior is a better idea, and compares it to drunk driving. In addition, the MP had apparently forgotten that driving under the influence is indeed punishable.

The Dutch are in favor of a ban

It is not often that the government is opposed to a ban, and the population in particular. However, 8 out of 10 citizens believe that a smoking ban in the car is a good idea, it does not indicate whether this only applies to transport with children. Interest groups such as the fight against cancer and the lung fund do not understand that there is still no legislation. The attitude towards an alternative such as vaping with an e-cigarette in the car has not been investigated.