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Joyetech Pyrex Glasses

Joyetech Pyrex Glasses

The e-cigarette brand Joyetech makes various types of mods and box mods with different characteristics and application options. A number of parts are replaceable, including the Joyetech Pyrex glasses. Although it is not necessary to replace this part often, wear or damage may occur and a new glass must be installed. In many cases you can do this yourself, by ordering a new glass and replacing the old one.

Joyetech Pyrex glasses

This brand makes a large number of products that can be quite different in construction. When ordering replacement Joyetech Pyrex glasses, pay attention to the correct model and version. Preferably buy replacement products from the same brand, so you know that the part is actually suitable. If you have questions about this, you can first contact a service representative. Careless handling of the glass or the device can result in damage.

What is Pyrex glass?

This brand has been around for much longer than electric cigarettes have been available on the market. Pyrex glass has been developed for use in the kitchen for products such as measuring cups that must be heat resistant to piping hot liquids. Ideal for e-liquids that are evaporated in an e-cigarette. Joyetech Pyrex slides are made from this special heat-resistant glass and are therefore safe to use.

When should the glass be replaced?

Unlike atomizers, it is not often necessary to replace the glass. Only when visible damage or contamination is present, Joyetech Pyrex glasses should be replaced. The glass can break, be scratched or crack. The glass can also discolour or pick up and retain aromas. This does not benefit the vapor experience, in which case replacing the glass can offer the solution. Always pay close attention to the model and type of e-cigarette, the dimensions and product specifications may differ.

Reserve Pyrex glass for Cubis Max clearomizer of Joyetech This Pyrex glass has a volume of 2 ml. In the set there are 5 delivered. The glass is suitable for Cubis Max clearomizer from Joyetech. If the visa the glass of your clearomizer is broken, you can use this as a replacement.   ..
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