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Justfog battery

Justfog battery

The company Justfog has developed various models of e-cigarette with the ease of use as a constant factor. Because the battery of a damper is an important part, a lot of attention has been paid to designing the Justfog battery in a way that it offers more than just a power supply. In many ways, the batteries of this brand form the basis for the complete system.

Battery as a basis for vaping

Although we are talking about Justfog batteries, there are models that actually act as a base station on which a tank and coil are placed. The battery has to deliver a lot of power, so it's not surprising that this part takes up the most volume. Yet the Justfog battery is still quite small when you look at the capacity. With a simple operation, these products will not only appeal to the seasoned vaper, but also the former smokers who switch to an e-cigarette.

Terms for the Justfog battery

There are some terms that you may encounter when selecting the right Justfog battery. Here are some terms explained:

  • Pass-through: This means that you do not have to put a loose battery in a charger, the battery is the base station that you can hang directly on the charger via a micro-USB cable. This way you don't have to stop fumes when the Justfog battery is almost empty.

  • Constant voltage mode: This position ensures that the battery always delivers the same capacity. Then the vapor production will not decrease when the battery capacity decreases, so you always enjoy an optimal experience.

Adjustable voltage: The more experienced damper will need more control over the power supply. You can also order a Justfog battery with an adjustable voltage between 3.4 and 4.5 Volts. You can read the settings on the display. This indicates how versatile e-cigarette batteries can be.

Brand: Justfog Model: Justfog J-Easy 9 Volt batterij
Justfog J-Easy 9 VV batterij   Nieuw van Justfog: Een batterij met instelbare Voltage 3.4 ~ 4.8V. Compact en handzaaam model. Deze batterij wordt standaard geleverd in de Q16 startset. De J-Easy 9 valt echter onder de catogorie MODbox maar door het compacte model is hij niet veel breder dan ee..
€ 24.95 Ex Tax:€ 20.62
JUSTFOG PASSTHROUGH BATTERIJ PassThrough : Opladen + dampen tegelijk. Productgegevens   Justfog PassThrough batterij De JustFog Passthrough batterij met eGo aansluiting is een hoogwaardige batterij die gemakkelijk op te laden is via de onderkant van de batterij. (passthrough) Er ..
€ 16.50 Ex Tax:€ 13.64
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