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Justfog Clearomizer

Justfog Clearomizer

Justfog is a well-known manufacturer from South Korea that has brought a diverse range of electronic cigarettes to the market, with of course also the associated parts and accessories. In addition to the vapor experience, they also pay a lot of attention to safety. Consider a child-proof closure on a Justfog clearomizer and the standard five check points to guarantee safe operation. On this page we provide an overview of the various clearomizers of this brand, if you have any more questions please feel free to contact our help desk.

Justfog clearomizer

In most cases you will also be able to order a corresponding Justfog clearomizer for every type of damper. Because the same type of designation is used for both the e-cigarette and the clearomizers, it is easy to find the right product. There is the C14, the P16 and the Q16, that actually speaks for itself. However, you should always read the product description carefully before placing an order. The content of the tank will differ per type, that also applies to the resistance that the coil offers. A lower resistance (less than 1 ohm) means that the vapor goes directly to the lungs, with a higher resistance the vapor first passes through the mouth. That is comparable to traditional smoking.

Safety comes first

This brand places a high priority on safety, which of course also applies to a Justfog clearomizer. Consider a child-proof closure so that children cannot just open the tank. The user has also been thought of, since you do not want to put an electronic cigarette with a battery on your lips that can cause danger. With products from this brand you know that a lot of attention has been paid to the safety of both the user and the environment.

Brand: Justfog Model: JustFog C14 Clearomizer
JustFog C14 Clearomizer  ..
€ 8.00 Ex Tax:€ 6.61
Brand: Justfog Model: JUSTFOG P16A CLEAROMIZER
Justfog P16A clearomizer, tankinhoud 1,9ML, kind veilige sluiting ,zowel bij de coil als tank, airflow, 510 aansluiting. ..
€ 12.50 Ex Tax:€ 10.33
Brand: Justfog Model: Justfog Q16 clearomizer (2ml)
Justfog Q16 clearomizer (2ml) ..
€ 9.95 Ex Tax:€ 8.22
Brand: Justfog Model: Justfog Q16 Pro Clearomizer
Justfog Q16 Pro clearomizer The Q16 Pro clearomizer has a maximum E-liquid capacity of 1.9ml. The liquid can be topped up via the top-fill system, so this can be done via the top of the clearomizer. This system minimizes the risk of fluid leaks The airflow ring allows the user to determine how..
€ 12.50 Ex Tax:€ 10.33
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