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Justfog Coils

Justfog Coils

The e-cigarette brand Justfog comes from South Korea. They develop, produce and sell electric cigarettes and accessories such as Justfog coils all over the world including Europe. The Q16 in particular has proven to be a popular model, although they also supply other models. The brand mainly offers user-friendly products where they place high demands on the quality of the battery. The battery is equipped with five safety measures for reliable operation. The Justfog coils are available in different resistances that differ per type of e-cigarette. Let's take a closer look at the options for the Fog1 and the 14/16 series.

FOG1 coils

These Justfog coils are specifically designed for the FOG1, if you are in possession of a 14 or 16 series you can find more information below. For the FOG1 both coils are of the Sub-Ohm type with 0.8 Ohm and 0.5 Ohm respectively. The first version is close to MTL or Mouth To Lung vapors, the second option offers a DTL or Direct To Lung experience. MTL fumes correspond to smoking while DTL is more like smoking a water pipe. Although both types are strictly speaking Sub-Ohm, you can expect a standard MTL experience with the 0.8 version.

14 and 16 Justfog coils

The same Justfog coils can be used for the C14, G14, S14 and Q16. It concerns Mouth To Lung (MTL) coils with a resistance at 1.2 Ohm or 1.6 Ohm. The resistance wire for this product is made from Nichroom, this has been chosen to extend the life of the coil. A higher resistance means a lower vapor production. Japanese organic cotton is used as a wick, this ensures an optimal absorption of e-liquid and a better taste. These coils are sold in sets of five pieces.

Not sure which Justfog coils suits your device? Then contact the help desk, we will gladly help you further.

Brand: Justfog Model: Justfog fog1 coils
Justfog sub-Ohm coils, speciaal ontworpen voor de Justfog FOG1. Verkrijgbaar in twee weerstanden van 0.5Ohm en 0.8Ohm. ..
€ 12.50 Ex Tax:€ 10.33
Brand: Justfog Model: Justfog organic cotton coil for 14 series
Justfog organic cotton coil for 14 and 16 series (5st) ..
€ 12.50 Ex Tax:€ 10.33
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