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Kamry e-cigarette

Kamry is a Chinese company that produces electric cigarettes. The company was founded in 2007, then under the name of Fly Smoker Technology, and develops various models of the Kamry e-cigarette. They employ designers and have their own factory, the products are now sold worldwide.

Brief history of Kamry

Shenzhen Kamry Technology Co. founded at the time, called Fly Smoker Technology Co. The name was changed in 2011. Then they also brought a new Kamry e-cigarette on the market that would lay the blueprint for products in the future. The Ego-W products started to run well in 2012. In addition to China, the product line is also sold internationally, including the United States and in Europe. The brand is particularly proud of their success in Italy. The requirements for electric cigarettes are quite high in Europe, so we can state that the Kamry e-cigarette offers quality to the consumer.

No Kamry e-cigarette is standard

The first thing that strikes you in the product line is the design, this brand always designs eye-catching designs that catch the eye among the rest. Even the standard MTL cylindrical model has a sleek housing with a special appearance. They also make boxmods, which does not mean that Kamry e-cigarettes offer many setting options. All products are characterized by simple operation without screens and extensive setting options.

Also for pipe smokers

Although it is more a cosmetic difference than a completely different vapor experience, the Kamry e-cigarette is available in multiple "pipe" designs. There are (or have been) different models that range from the traditional pipe to a device made of shiny chrome that you would rather expect in an operating room. A practical advantage of a Kamry e-cigarette pipe model is the ability to stand the device down because of the flattened base.

The availability of Kamry e-cigarettes can be limited, the models also exchange each other at a rapid pace. It is an innovative brand that does not just make copies of the competition.

Brand: Kamry Model: KAMRY K1000 PLUS - STARTSET
  KAMRY K1000 PLUS - STARTSET De Kamry K1000 Plus is een E-pijp vervaardigd van aluminium met walnotenprint. De K1000 Plus zonder houder rechtop staan, waardoor ongewenste lekkages onmogelijk zijn. De driptip is ontworpen om de damp voldoende te laten afkoelen en de 1000mAh batterij is vo..
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