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Kamry Coils

Kamry Coils

Kamry coils

The Kamry company was founded in 2007 under the original name of Fly Smoker Technology. They develop various types of e-cigarettes and accessories including Kamry coils. In addition to the standard e-cigarette model, they also supply box mods, it is mainly the pipe models that stand out. The ePipe K1000 and the updated K1000 Plus not only look like a pipe, they also deliver the same experience. Make sure you order the correct Kamry coils, if you have any questions about this, please contact our help desk.

About Kamry

This company is based in China, they sell products in many countries worldwide. The brand has proved successful in Italy in particular. They develop products in-house and supply various e-cigarettes and accessories such as electric cigarettes, mods, box mods and electric pipes. The new "plus" version of the pipe is currently available in the Netherlands. The second edition is more like the traditional shape that we know of pipes, otherwise the system works the same as other e-cigarettes. It is a refillable device that is activated with a button. To approximate the experience of pipe smoking as much as possible, the system works with Kamry coils with a relatively low resistance at 0.5 ohm. The temperature or resistance cannot be set manually, because a button must be pressed before a pull is called a mechanical device.

Kamry coils for e-Pipe

Make sure you buy the right Kamry coils for your e-cigarette or e-pipe, because they are not universally usable. For example, you can buy coils for the K1000 Plus in a set of five, made of stainless steel with a resistance of 0.5 Ohm. With that we can speak of a Direct To Lung (DTL) experience, not Mouth To Lung (MTL) as we know it from normal e-cigarettes. The vapor production is also quite large. You can choose the type of e-liquid yourself, there are aromas available that approximate the taste of cigars. Pay attention to the correct PG / VG ratio for an optimal experience.

Brand: Kamry Model: KAMRY K1000 PLUS COILS (5 STUKS)
Geschikt voor: Kamry K1000 Plus E-pipe Kit Kamry X6 Plus Mini Clearomizer Verpakt per vijf stuks. Deze coils zijn gemaakt van roestvrijstaal en hebben een weerstand van 0.5ohm. Geadviseerd wattage: 21watt tot 35watt ..
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