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Kangertech e-cigarette

Kangertech is one of the best-known brands of electric cigarettes and is based in China. The company was founded in 2007 by Danny Zhu and Li De Lin, they develop and produce vaping accessories including starter sets, atomizers, mods etc. The Kangertech e-cigarette has become a well-known name worldwide.

Short history of Kangertech

The company profiles itself as progressive and innovative. For example, they applied for a patent in 2010 for transparent clearomizers, followed in 2012 by a damper with the heat on the underside called EVOD. With the Protank from 2013, the Kangertech e-cigarette is increasingly starting to deviate from the standard model that still looked like a traditional cigarette. This series was characterized by a robust design and coils that are easy to replace. In addition to the Protank clearomizer, a tank was introduced in 2014 that was specially developed for sub-Ohm vapors. This was a step towards a consumer-oriented Kangertech e-cigarette, which allows fumes at lower resistance without having to get started with special wicks and coils. The Kangertech SUBVOD has been put on the market as an all-round vaporizer that uses a strong SUBVOD battery with no less than 1300mAh. The SOCC coils (which stands for Staintless Steel Organic Cotton Coils) do not affect the taste of the liquid and will last longer. In addition, it contains organic Japanese cotton and the tank is only about 4 centimeters long.

Kangertech e-cigarette ISO 14000 certified

Every manufacturer of electric cigarettes who wants to sell products in Europe is obliged to meet strict requirements. This brand pays a lot of attention to testing according to both the CE and RoHS guidelines, in addition they work according to the strict ISO 14000 standards.

Old name, innovative products

The Kangertech e-cigarette is one of the best-selling electric cigarette brands. This is partly because they have been in existence for a relatively long time, but also because they are innovative and respond to market needs. That is how they came up with a dual coil system, which certainly gave them a competitive edge. With a wide range of products for different types of vapor, they meet almost all requirements, from MTL to DTL systems, and from elegant pen-shaped e-cigarettes to extensive boxmods for Sub-Ohm vapors.

Brand: Kangertech Model: KANGERTECH SUBVOD - 1300MAH STARTSET
Subtank Nana-s, Subvod batterij, SSOCC Coils De SUBVOD Starter Kit bestaat uit de Subtank Nano-s, een SUBVOD batterij en ee SSOCC coil.  De Subtank Nano-s is eeen handzame, 510 gestuurde tank met een 510 aansluiting. Standaard zit hier een 0,5 Ohm SSOCC coil in. Deze coil (Stainless Steel Or..
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