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Kangertech battery

Kangertech battery

The company Kangertech makes various products for electric fumes such as mods and POD systems. Of course you can also buy a Kangertech battery, whereby this term means more than just a power supply for an e-cigarette. In fact, the battery is the base station on which a tank with coil can be placed. The capacity certainly plays a factor in the use, certainly when it is possible to use different coil resistors.

Structure of the Kangertech battery

There are different types available, of which the cylindrical model is the best known. This model is very similar to a traditional cigarette with an elongated design. The POD model has a very different shape and therefore uses a different battery technology. At the bottom of the SUBVOD is a micro USB connection which makes charging easy. Always use the supplied charger, or a charger that is suitable for use with e-cigarettes. This is not always the case due to a different voltage with chargers. Although the SUBVOD Kangertech battery was developed for the TOPTANK Nano, this battery can also be used in combination with other tanks.

Battery for Sub-Ohm fumes

Often elongated batteries have been developed for MTL fumes at a resistance higher than 1 Ohm. Although that is possible with the SUBVOD Kangertech battery, it can also be vaporized at lower resistances. Up to even 0.4 Ohm and with a maximum resistance of 3.5 Ohm. This battery will therefore appeal to a large group of dampers.

Kangertech battery capacity

Since the resistance is variable, the usage time per charge cannot be accurately determined. With a capacity of 1300 mAh you can usually go well ahead of one charge, but Sub-Ohm fans may have to charge a little faster than hoped. For that target group it is more obvious to opt for a higher capacity battery, more than 3000 mAh batteries are also available.

Brand: Kangertech Model: KANGERTECH SUBVOD BATTERIJ 1300mAh
Deze SUBVOD batterij van KangerTech is ontwikkeld samen met de TOPTANK Nano, maar is ook te combineren met andere tanks. Er hoeven geen instellingen aangepast te worden en opladen middels de Micro-USB aansluiting aan de onderzijde van de batterij. Het verschil met andere batterijen is dat deze oo..
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