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Kruitvat E cigarette

No longer E Cigarette at Kruidvat

There are various outlets that offer electric cigarettes, think of the office book stores, tobacconists and of course through specialized web shops. You can even buy an e cigarette at the Kruidvat, between the baby ointment and paracetamol. Is it a good idea to buy these devices at the Kruidvat, and what is the quality of these e cigarettes?

Update: The e cigarette from Kruidvat is no longer sold. View alternative products in the webshop.

What is (was) the Kruidvat e cigarette?

The e cigarette that Kruidvat had included in the range concerned the SNOKE, which, according to the retail chain, would meet strict German quality requirements. In addition to a disposable model, a refillable model with individual cartridges was also available. So no advanced vaporizers with various setting options, these products were primarily aimed at people who would like to quit smoking. The prices of both models were quite low, making it an affordable choice. But what about the quality?

You get what you pay for

There were certainly advantages to be found with the e cigarette from Kruidvat. The ease of use, the neutral design and of course the competitive price. But there are a number of negatives to that. For example, there were responses from users where the damper broke quickly. The choice of aromas was also limited to mainly tobacco flavors. And that taste also turned out not to really correspond to real tobacco, which the former smokers obviously demand of an e cigarette. The cartomizers soon appeared to be in need of replacement, which means that the costs would nevertheless rise.

Not available anymore

It is a bit strange that a store like Kruidvat sells cigarettes, they also quit quickly. In a specialized webshop you can choose between different brands and models, and ask employees with experience about these products. This experiment of the well-known drugstore chain has given these products more visibility.