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Lidl stops selling tobacco, while the other supermarkets do

No more buying cigarettes in supermarketsFrom 2022 you can no longer buy cigarettes and other tobacco products at Lidl. This choice is not imposed by legislation, the supermarket chain wants to pursue a smoke-free society. Will other supermarkets and other shops participate in this decision?

Lidl stops selling tobacco

The decision to stop selling tobacco products dates back to 2018. How come you can still buy cigarettes and shag at the checkout? Lidl works with long-term contracts and may not stop selling these products until 2022. Customers disagree on this decision, this also applies to other supermarkets. There is no supermarket that dares to make the same decision, in addition to extra income on tobacco, customers often buy groceries which is good for turnover.

Gas station or tobacconist?

Buying a pack of cigarettes after refueling, according to an association of pump holders, tobacco products account for more than half of the income for the shop. Without cigarettes they could just as well close the tank shops. The new rules in 2020 make tobacco products less visible, but smokers naturally know exactly what to order.

Is there an alternative?

Supermarkets and petrol stations can of course switch to the sale of e-cigarettes and e-liquids. Strictly speaking, this may not be healthy, but it is an alternative to smoking. Also, electric cigarettes and accessories may no longer be displayed visually, according to research, they would be at least 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. But e-liquid brands are of course not as well known as Marlboro, Pall Mall or Van Nelle.

Is Lidl making the right choice?

You can say that products with a lot of sugar, fat, salt are not healthy, and that is correct. However, all of these products are not as harmful as smoking to a limited extent and have no direct impact on the environment. Of course there are still plenty of sales channels for both tobacco and e-cigarettes, online for example. Lidl does not make a choice here from an economic interest, but from a principle. And that is special to see for large companies like this.