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Loose boxmods as an accessory for e-smoking

Seperate boxmods as an accessory for e-smoking

It would be a shame if you have to buy a completely new electric cigarette when only the boxmod needs replacing but the clearomizer does not. Or maybe you just want a different pattern on your boxmod that is nice with your clothes. In that case, separate boxmods are also available. Before you start with seperate boxmods you should have experience with e-smoking because more technical knowledge is required than pressing a button.

Note: We do not provide a sales argument for the best seperate boxmods. You will only find neutral information here so that you can make your own decisions.

Why would you buy loose boxmods?

There are many different types of electric cigarettes. For many vapers, a standard e-cigarette is more than enough, there are also vapers that look at every detail of the experience and want to exercise full control over every aspect of the e-cigarette. Mods have been created for the latter target group, modular systems where you can replace individual parts. Seperate boxmods are available with and without batteries, with and without a screen, with and without a flashy print and so on. When your boxmod needs replacing, or you want a mod with different specifications, you do not have to replace all parts.

Not suitable for beginners

It should be clear that the use of separate boxmodels can no longer be compared to lifting a cigarette. For example, there are electric cigarettes that look more like a smartphone than a cigarette. So you can buy separate boxmods with a touch screen with which you can set every aspect of e-smoking, the capacity of the batteries can also vary considerably between the different models. It goes without saying that these systems require a certain amount of expertise to be used responsibly.

With loose boxmods you can personalize the e-smoking experience even further.