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Ego CE-6 single en Ego CE-6 double

The principle of each e-cigarette is the same. You need a battery, a heating element (often called vaporizer or atomizer clearomizer) and a mouthpiece. With an e-cigarette you evaporate the liquid and instead of smoking, so if you're actually at the fumes. The liquid provides the taste and the vapor. These liquids are available with or without nicotine. The amount of nicotine you can decide.

5-click battery

The Ego CE-6 is equipped with a 5 click on / off battery. This implies that it should be the button on the battery 5x pressed in rapid succession (binnen1,5 second) in order to unlock the security. To lock the battery then again to be pushed back 5 times in quick succession on the button. This is to prevent that uses the e-cigarette by small children. Also, the battery of the e-cigarette can not deflate by accident. If 5x clicked the button on the battery flashes the battery 3x light.


To fill the ego clearomizer CE 6 Battery must be screwed. Then, the nozzle has to be removed. It is very important that the liquid is filled on the side of the nozzle. Never on the side of the battery. If on the side of the battery is topped up can have detrimental effects on your e-cigarette. The clearomizer should never be refilled for more than half, this is 1.2 ml. On the side of the clearomizer is this precisely specified. If more is added, the Ego CE 6 does not work optimally. The risk that the clearomizer leakage. The clearomizer gives the best results after a while has been smoking.

The Ego CE 6 is a closed system. That is to say that the clearomizer is a whole. If this element is worn out, the entire clearomizer must be replaced. The cost for a new clearomizer are very low.


Each e-cigarette is battery operated. It is important for the first time to fully charge the battery and then to run completely empty. This is to utilize the full capacity of the battery. There are different types of batteries and often to exchange batteries of the same brand.


Cartridges are already filled with liquid and are available in different flavors and nicotine levels.


A clearomizer is a glass containing an atomizer (the atomizer allows for the evaporation). The liquid goes directly into the clearmizer. Always topping on the side of the nozzle and ensure that the liquid is refilled from the side. Otherwise, the atomizer can become clogged.


This is the fluid that is vaporized by the atomizer. Different tastes and textures can be obtained. Nicotine Levels range from 0 mg to 18 mg.

Note: Before using any electronic cigarette always manual