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Mental Method To Stop Smoking

Mental Method To Stop Smoking

Smoking is between the ears. By that we do not mean the lips where you put the cigarette between, but the brain. By influencing your way of thinking Eric Early can take away the addiction to smoking. At least, that is the idea behind the book "Mental Method to Stop Smoking". How does this method work and can you really get rid of smoking?

Note: We only give you information about products on this page, it is not a sales advice. We can not guarantee that the "Mental Method to Quit Smoking" will help you get rid of smoking.

How does this Mental Method work to stop smoking?

Eric Eraly states in his book that you can change the addictive effects of smoking to new associations so that you will no longer be dependent on cigarettes. The information in the book will "reprogram" the brain so you will not be interested in lighting another cigarette. There are already tens of thousands of customers who claim to have stopped smoking successfully after reading this book. Eric Eraly is so convinced of the success of this method that he makes a non-good-money-back offer of 365 days. This way you can try this method yourself without risk.

Stop without medication

Many ways to stop smoking work with nicotine substitutes, patches, chewing gum, e-cigarettes or other means. According to the author of the "Mental Method to Stop Smoking", it is enough to change your way of thinking. And that would work after five hours, and continue to work. That sounds almost too good to be true, yet there are many satisfied customers. Nicotine is out of your system within two days of stopping, the rest is of a psychological nature. Are you willing to reprogram your brain to go smoke-free in the future?