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Mouth To Lung and Direct Lung vaping

Mouth To Lung and Direct Lung vaping

If you are looking for an e-cigarette for vaping, you should be the first to choose Mouth To Lung or Direct Lung. For someone who has no experience with electric fumes, it may not be clear what these terms mean, and what the differences are. On this page we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about MTL and DL electric cigarettes.

Note: On the page we explain the differences between Mouth To Lung and Direct Lung vapors. We do not provide advice on the best method for vapors or for specific products.

What is Mouth To Lung (MTL)?

This type of vapors can be compared to smoking a cigarette. The vapor is delivered to the lungs through the mouth. Mouth To Lung literally means "Mouth To Long". Not all evaporator types are suitable for MTL vapors, so you cannot often use evaporators with an open Airflow or Sub-Ohm coil for the Mouth To Lung Method. For this you need an evaporator with a more closed Airflow such as the Aspire Triton Mini Tank or the Justfog P14A.

The resistance of the coils in MTL evaporators is generally higher than 1.0 Ohm, up to roughly 2.2 Ohm. There are, incidentally, models that make it possible to use this method based on Sub-Ohm coils that have a smaller diameter than is normally the case. This will make the evaporator tighter, which means that you can vaporize MTL. The Aspire Nautilus 2 is a system that comes with a 0.7 Sub-Ohm coil that is suitable for Mouth To Lung vapors.

When the evaporators are open in design, it is usually a Sub-Ohm system. These are coils with a resistance that is lower than 1 ohm. As a result, more vapor is created, this vapor cools down during inhalation using the Direct Lung method. If you use a Sub-Ohm tank with the MTL method, the coil will cool less because of a lack of supplied air, resulting in a very hot evaporator. Because Sub-Ohm coils absorb a lot of e-liquid, a lot of vapor is created. When you steam MTL with a DL coil, there is a chance that the tank will leak. This is because the coil will absorb a lot of liquid that cannot evaporate because the inhalation method is not correct.

What is Direct Lung (DL)?

Put simply, this method of vapors can be compared with the working of a water pipe. This means that the vapor is directly inhaled to the lungs. The DL fumes work on the basis of Sub-Ohm evaporators with an Airflow that will allow a lot of air to pass through. The resistance of the coil is below 1 Ohm, hence the name "Sub-Ohm". This gives a high vapor production. Products such as the Smok Stick V8 Baby Kit and the iStick Pico Kit work according to the Direct Lung principle.

Coils are also available that, although having a Sub-Ohm resistor, are equipped with a coil with a smaller diameter. That makes MTL vapors possible with these evaporators. For example, the Joyetech Ego AIO box mod has a Sub-Ohm coil with a resistance of 0.6 Ohm with a tight inhalation. When this coil is used with the MTL method, a lot of vapor will be produced.

With a low resistance in combination with a high vapor production, this vapor must be inhaled directly to the lungs. Otherwise, leaks can occur due to cooling of the vapor. When you use the DL method a lot of vapor will arise. This vapor will be absorbed directly into the lungs, lungs have a larger capacity than the mouth. With a larger vapor production, more liquid will also be used. You will therefore need more e-liquid with the Direct Lung method.

What is Airflow?

Airflow is a term that is often mentioned in vapors, but it is not clear to everyone exactly what this stands for. Airflow is the English word for air supply, without air supply it is not possible to vaporize. By sucking in air, vapor will move to the mouth or directly to the lungs. There are two ways to control the Airflow depending on the e-cigarette:

With a fixed air inlet that cannot be adjusted further.

With an adjustable air inlet in the form of a ring that allows the user to determine the amount of air. This is also called the "pull" of the e-cigarette.

In addition to controlling the Airflow, two types of airflow are also possible; Top Airflow and Bottom Airflow.

How does Top Airflow work?

Top Airflow occurs when the air supply is at the top of the tank. This placement is possible with both MTL and DL evaporators. At Top Airflow, the warm air has to travel a longer route, resulting in a drop in temperature. The result is a cooler vapor.

How does Bottom Airflow work?

With the Bottom Airflow, the air supply is at the bottom of the tank. This placement is also possible with both an MTL and a DL evaporator. With Bottom Airflow, the warm air will travel a shorter distance, resulting in a warmer vapor.

With a Top Airflow or Bottom Airflow, the temperature of the vapor is the main difference.

What is the importance of the coil?

The vapor from the electric cigarette is created in the coil. This is a component that consists of one or more glow coils with cotton wrapped around it. This cotton, or the "wick", absorbs liquid that will evaporate when the filament warms up. The diameter on the inside of the coil determines how much air can flow through during a stroke. With a wider diameter as we find on a Sub-Ohm coil, the Direct Lung method will apply with a lot of air. With a narrower coil, the Mouth To Lung method is used with less air, which gives a different vapor experience.

For both MTL and DL there are special tanks for sale where the air flow is determined on the basis of the different diameter on the inside of the coil. So it's not just about the Airflow in the system. Consider, for example, the Eleaf Melo 3 mini / nano clearomizer. This is a clearomizer for which both MTL and DL coils are available. Direct Lung coils later through a lot of air and also have a lower resistance between 0.3 ohm and 0.5 ohm. With a Mouth To Lung coil the resistance is 0.75 Ohm.

What is the importance of the drip tip?

The mouthpiece or the drip tip is available in different sizes. Narrow or normal nozzles are intended for MTL dampers due to limited air circulation. We also call this narrow passage "narrow bore". This kind of drip tip can also be used on a Sub-Ohm tank, which results in a tighter inhalation. As a result, the coil cannot cool quickly, so take into account a warmer coil. The vapor production can lead to condensation, resulting in "spitback" or splashing.

A wide mouthpiece or a "wide bore drip tip" is made for DL ​​Sub-Ohm evaporators. The air circulation is maximized, which is conducive to the cooling process and the production of vapor. With more air circulation you can also inhale more vapor with larger clouds as a result. It is also possible to use a wide drip tip on an MTL evaporator. That way, a little more air can go through the e-cigarette. MTL users who want to reduce the tight inhalation, usually opt for these mouthpieces.

Tip: When buying a drip tip, pay attention to the correct size, this can be a 510 or 810 connection.