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MTL vaping with e-cigarette

MTL vaping with e-cigarette

The electric cigarette was conceived as a less harmful alternative to cigarette smoking. The experience of vapors therefore had to correspond as much as possible with smoke inhalation, as it goes from the mouth to the lungs. In addition to this form of MTL vapors with e-cigarettes, there is now also a great demand for DTL vapors, where much more vapor is released. What does MTL mean with an e-cigarette, what are the advantages and are there any disadvantages to these e-cigarettes?

Note: We explain MTL vapors with an e-cigarette, it is not intended as a recommendation for electric smoking.

What does MTL mean with an e-cigarette?

MTL stands for Mouth To Lung, the vapor goes from the mouth to the lungs. The production of vapor corresponds approximately to the smoke that you get with a cigarette. This is due to the resistance of the coil, which is 1 Ohm or higher.

Advantages of Mouth To Lung

These are the main benefits of MTL vapors with e-cigarette:

  • It gives a familiar feeling for ex-smokers.
  • There are plenty of good e-cigarettes for sale such as the Justfog Q16 or the Innokin Kroma A Zenith ..
  • You can easily buy coils and e-liquid that are suitable for this method.

Alternative method DTL

DTL stands for Direct To Lung, with this method more vapor is released. The experience is similar to smoking a hookah. Especially the new generation of 'dampers' who are looking for a special experience often opt for DTL. Due to this popularity, the 'boring' e-cigarette for MTL disappears a bit. That does not mean that there is now a 'better' method, they are simply different experiences with their own specific characteristics. If you like ease of use and have used to smoke, MTL fumes with an e-cigarette is the most obvious choice. If you want complete control over the vapor experience, you can purchase a boxmod where you can use sub-Ohm coils. You will therefore often have to use other e-liquid to prevent splashing.

MTL fumes with an e-cigarette is most similar to normal smoking.