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New research: quitting smoking even healthier than expected

Smoking cessation and effect on healthIt is now known that quitting smoking is better than continuing to smoke. It was not yet entirely clear how big the difference can be, even for people who have smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for years. A study by the Wellcome Sanger Institute found that it is never too late to quit smoking. And this does not stop at theory, they can show in practice that ex-smokers are less likely to have a large number of conditions.

Mutating cells

Humans are made up of huge numbers of cells. Smoking can cause cells to mutate, which increases the risk of diseases including lung cancer. According to the Dutch Cancer Society, no less than 86% of the number of lung cancer cases is a direct result of smoking. The number of mutations can go up to 10,000, and every mutation is one too many.

Too late to quit smoking?

A common argument of smokers is that it makes no sense to quit smoking anyway, because the evil has already been done. A British study of 16 former smokers and non-smokers showed that 90 to 96% of the cells present have undergone changes. When someone stops smoking, this number is reduced between 20 and 40%. A person who has quit has up to four times more healthy cells than people who continue to smoke. Even people who smoke one pack a day benefit from quitting.

Cells that recover

It has long been thought that damaged cells can never recover, this turns out to be incorrect. Instead of working on the basis of models or calculations, the institute took actual test results as a starting point before drawing conclusions. Professor of genome stability at Leiden University is also impressed by the research. Not only is there good news to report, but people with pulmonary emphysema will no longer be able to reverse the damage