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Nicotine and electric smoking

Nicotine and electric smoking

Although there is no smoke, tar or soot in your lungs with electrical "smoking", you may not classify "vapen" or "fumes" as "healthy". The presence of nicotine in particular can be harmful to health. But what about that?

What is nicotine?

Nicotine is a psychoactive substance present in products such as cigarettes, it is a plant-based substance that protects plants against insects. It is also an addictive substance for people, it almost immediately gives energy and a feeling of euphoria.

Is nicotine addictive?

Yes, it is an addictive substance. Although nicotine offers a lot of benefits for the body, you can become dependent on it by the psychoactive effect. So; you can easily start with it, but you will not get away so easily!

Nicotine and electric smoking

No harmful substances are released with vapors or vaping, but when you use e-liquid with nicotine, there is still that addictive effect. On the one hand, new vapors can immediately opt for e-liquid without nicotine, possibly with a non-addictive replacement, on the other hand existing smokers can reduce their need by using e-liquid with an ever-lower dose of nicotine. Because different compositions of e-liquid are available, you decide yourself if and how much nicotine you get.

Electric smoking can be associated with the use of nicotine, but that is not necessary. Make a conscious choice that fits your lifestyle, and be aware of possible addiction that is possible with e-cigarettes.