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Nicotine-free cigarette more dangerous than regular cigarette

A cigarette contains a number of substances, part of which comes from burning in the smoke that a user inhales into the body of the smoker. One of these substances is nicotine, an addictive substance similar to caffeine in coffee. With the "nicotine-free" cigarette it is claimed that there is no more addictive substance nicotine in it. Yet nicotine-free cigarettes are at least as dangerous as normal cigarettes, and probably even more dangerous. We explain why this is on this page

How does a nicotine-free cigarette work?

The nicotine-free cigarette uses a genetically modified tobacco that contains considerably less nicotine. Not zero but about five percent. So you have to smoke twenty nicotine-free cigarettes before you get the same amount of nicotine as a normal cigarette.

What's the problem?

The problem is that existing smokers are already addicted to nicotine. If you do not get this "kick" you will smoke more. So you breathe in more smoke with tar, soot and many other harmful substances. Nicotine is not the most harmful ingredient in cigarettes. In addition to the addictive effect, this substance is not dangerous to take in itself, at least not to the extent that smokers ingest nicotine. Of course it is not pleasant to be dependent on smoking, but you do not solve this by smoking nicotine-free cigarettes.

What is the alternative?

No smoking is the best alternative, but if you are addicted to smoking including the habit that comes with it, that will not be an option. E-cigarettes do the exact opposite; many e-liquids do contain nicotine, but thanks to the evaporation, polluting soot and tar remain in your lungs. You can then gradually reduce the need, while with a nicotine-free cigarette you actually need more smoking. In fact, they have filtered the least harmful substance from tobacco, while the most harmful substances remain.

Smoking tobacco is unhealthy, a cigarette without nicotine will not change that.