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Nicotine is not a cure for Corona

Nicotine and smoking and corona chanceIn anticipation of a vaccine against the Coronavirus, all kinds of "home remedies" are being released that might help against this disease. This also includes nicotine, there are indications that the use of nicotine could prevent the contamination with COVID-19. Is smoking the solution to the Corona pandemic?

Where does this story come from?

In the United States and China, there are indications that there are relatively few smokers among the included Coronavirus patients. This could indicate a link between nicotine and the virus. Could be, because the figures are certainly not hard and difficult to prove. It is also possible that the powerful tobacco lobby is making this story in the news to stimulate nicotine use. It has been shown that smokers who contract the virus are more severely affected. This is because the lung function is already reduced, in addition, this group also has a lower resistance.

What about e-cigarettes?

Smoking is very harmful to your health, there are other sources of nicotine such as e-cigarettes. Depending on the e-liquid, this can contain a large dose of nicotine without tar, soot and other dangerous substances. This also applies to nicotine patches and chewing gum. However, there is as yet no reason to stock up on these products en masse, because the link between nicotine and Corona has not yet been proven. French e-cigarette users conducted their own survey, which found no demonstrable link. There are also e-liquids that do not contain nicotine at all.

Is nicotine dangerous?

The main drawback of nicotine is the addictive effect, it can be compared to caffeine. In itself it is not a dangerous substance, there are certainly positive properties, but dependence is not a positive prospect. So you will not be directly affected by a nicotine-containing product (with the exception of cigarettes), but getting rid of it again is the biggest challenge.