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Nicotine replacement

Nicotine replacement

In addition to cigarettes, there are other ways to get nicotine in without inhaling harmful smoke. E-cigarettes, for example, but also with medication, you can get a controlled dose of nicotine into the bloodstream. On this page we list the most popular nicotine substitutes.

Note: Nicotine substitutes may have other side effects including dry mouth, nausea, migraine and sleep disturbances. We only provide information, we are not medical specialists. If you have any questions, consult the doctor first.

Popular nicotine substitutes

  • Bupropion / Zyban: If you are pregnant, have an eating disorder, have a liver disorder or you suffer from epilepsy, this medication should not be used. It can be used in combination with other means, but can interfere with its operation.
  • Cystisine: At this moment this drug is not yet available in the pharmacy, it has proven effective in stopping smoking.
  • Nortiptyline / Nortrilen: This medication is often used by smokers who suffer from depressive feelings. It must not be used by people who have a heart condition.
  • Varenicline / Champix: This is a medicine that is suitable for all smokers who want to stop, it can not be combined with other nicotine substitutes.

Nicotine substitutes without prescription

Most products are available without a prescription. You can buy nicotine substitutes in the form of patches, tablets, chewing gum or mouth spray. Under guidance, the chance of success is twice as large as without guidance. The side effects are generally minimal, there is a chance of physical complaints.

Medication or electric smoking?

E-cigarettes resemble normal cigarettes, but evaporation takes place instead of burning. Nicotine may be present in the e-liquid. This means that e-cigarettes can also be used to counter the addiction of smoking. The dose of nicotine can be reduced. You will still have to inhale the vapor manually, it is more visible than for example a nicotine patch and it requires a conscious action.

Although not all alternatives are without potential side effects, nicotine substitutes will almost always be better than to continue to smoke.